Practical information

This section offers some practical information on travel and staying in Longyearbyen.


In January, temperatures in Longyearbyen regularly drop below -20 C. It can also be windy, which will make it feel even colder. So make sure you have a warm winter coat, trousers, winter boots (with room for extra layer of warm socks), hat, and really warm gloves or mittens. Layers work best, they keep you warm and you can remove them or add more, if necessary. Hotels generally don’t rent out winter clothes.

It is always warm indoors, but note that hotels usually ask you to leave your boots in the hallway .- otherwise melting snow puddles would soon be everywhere. So you might want to bring a pair of indoor shoes or slippers with you.

The conference dress code is, as Adam once described it, “Arctic casual”. So stay warm and comfortable, and leave your suit home!


In addition to the low temperatures, we need to keep in mind that polar bears are occasional if not frequent visitors to the area around Longyearbyen (Svalbard has a population of just over 2,500 humans and about 3,000 polar bears). So for your own safety, you should not go out for walks outside the inhabited areas if you are not accompanied by someone who can carry (and fire) a rifle.


There is a bus from the airport to our hotel and to Longyearbyen town centre.

For those of you that need (or want) to book a taxi between town and the conference hotel, or for any other purpose, there are two taxi companies to choose from: Longyearbyen Taxi (+47 79 02 13 75) and Svalbard Buss & Taxi (+47 79 02 13 05).


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