Conference schedule

Please note that only delegates that have paid a full registration fee can participate in the scheduled dinners and excursions. However there are suggestions for independent dining and exploring of Longyearbyen on the “Exploring Longyearbyen” page.

Lunch is provided by Island Dynamics at the conference hotel on the 16th. On the 17th, there’s transportation to town where there are several cafés and restaurants to choose from.

As the restaurants and the tours have limited capacity as to the number of people that can be accommodated at the same time, we have divided the delegates into separate groups for certain occasions. We will send further information on this to participants by email.

13 January

18:30: Dinner at Stationen – Groups A & B

14 January

09:00-12:00: Tour Groups A, B, & C: ‘A visit to coal mine number 3’

18:30: Dinner at Kroa – Groups A & B

15 January

8.30 to 19.15: Conference panels, see “Academic Programme”

20:00: Dinner at Polfareren Restaurant – Group A; Svalbar Pub – Group B

16 January

9.00 to 18.15: Conference panels

19.00: Dinner at Svalbar Pub – Group A; Polfareren Restaurant – Group B

17 January

08:30-12:30: Tour Group A: ‘Arctic dog sled expedition in the polar night’
09:00-13:00: Tour Group B: ‘Northern lights safari by dog sled’; Tour Group C: ‘Arctic dog sled expedition in the polar night’

18.30: Dinner at Vinterhagen – Groups A & B

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